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Dr Mariam
Mariam Manoukian MD   Jerry Manoukian MD

Internal Medicine
2500 Hospital Drive, Building 4A

Mountain View, CA  94040

telephone 650  940 -1006
facsimile 650  940 -1008
Dr Jerry

Drs Mariam and Jerry  Manoukian are part of Stanford's University Healthcare Alliance. 
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Our office location is 2500 Hospital Drive, Building 4, Mountain View, California 94040

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About our practice
Manoukian Medical Group has been in operation since 1992.  In October 2012, we joined the University Medical Group, which is part of Stanford's University Healthcare Alliance.  Other local physicians  in the University Medical Group include Dr. Stephen Ling, Dr. Munir Javed and Dr. Geeta Krishna.   
Doctors Mariam and Jerry Manoukian are both board-certified in internal medicine.  Dr. Mariam Manoukian has additional training in endocrinology.  We are long-standing members of the El Camino Hospital community.  However, we do not generally admit patients to the hospital, instead relying on hospitalists on staff at El Camino Hospital.  When needed, we will admit and follow patients at Mountain View Healthcare Center.

These are the information forms that we give to new patients - please print them out ahead of time and bring them with you:


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